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18.01.20 Bernie Sanders Iowa staffer was bailed out of jail by Team Sanders following a drug arrest days before the odd videos were released. 131 published
17.01.20 POLL: Regardless of which Democrat wins the primary, do you think any of them can defeat Trump in the general election? 110 published
17.01.20 EFFORT BEGINS TO KEEP S.D. MOTHERS SAFER DURING CHILDBIRTH reports Whether due to obesity, diabetes, smoking, limited access to rural health care or mistakes at hospitals, mothers i 99 published
16.01.20 Welp.. because the Chiefs are an amazing team the Kansas_Lottery RED ZONE is back this weekend! Be ready for the cue from Mitch on Sunday! 79 published
16.01.20 Arnold is bringing back the position of city administrator two years after it eliminated the post to have a clerk oversee day-to-day operations, and the state will pick up some of the costs for at lea 107 published
14.01.20 "Equally distressing is that as far as Summit County Council is concerned, there is nothing they can do now. It is up to Woodward to voluntarily make any changes." 130 published
13.01.20 It's easy to help participating local schools win $400 to $3,000. Just shop at Chandler Fashion Center between August 1st, 2019 and through February 29, 2020 to support your school. Shop your favori 79 published
13.01.20 The report pointed to a shortage of affordable rural housing, insufficiency of broadband internet services, lack of access to quality childcare, weaknesses with workforce training and unreasonably hig 102 published
13.01.20 An 18-wheeler hauling loaves of bread crashed Monday afternoon on Highway 6 in Central Texas. 78 published
13.01.20 Last day to sign up for our first session of skating lessons!! Lessons run for 4 Saturdays in January and begin tomorrow morning!!! 83 published
13.01.20 McCracken Chief Deputy Resigns Due to Ethics Violation 104 published
13.01.20 Weekly Update - Baptism of Our Lord 81 published
13.01.20 Farmer was first charged in October, but those charges were dropped. 96 published
13.01.20 Service is cancelled for Sunday, Jan. 12th due to weather. 111 published
13.01.20 Make it a night at the Barn! $15 for a ticket & a beverage. See you Wednesday, #Gophers 🎟➡️ 93 published
12.01.20 Russian experts and lawmakers are working themselves into a frenzy trying to shift blame from Iran, even lashing out at Kyiv over MH17. 325 published
12.01.20 Today's the perfect day to bring your children to the Mississippi Museum of Art! We're open until 5 PM, experience art with us. Nick Cave: Feat. is now on exhibit through 2/16/2020. Purchase tickets & 117 published
12.01.20 "I’ve put my arm around my brother all our lives and I can’t do that any more." 91 published
12.01.20 Join the TGR community and the Jackson Hole Air Force - JHAF at the Continuum TGR Hotel & Bar on Wednesday, January 15th, for a special 10th anniversary showing of SWIFT.SILENT.DEEP.! 87 published
12.01.20 Een bericht van Minnesota Gophers op Gisteren 92 published
12.01.20 Check out the article below on ideas for #Broadway revivals in our new decade! What titles would you add to this list? 97 published
12.01.20 Yesterday forestry 35 and engine 31 with a total of 8 members responded to F Sanborn road with Sabattus engine 6 for a permitted burn that got out of control and into some rail road ties and was smold 107 published
12.01.20 Nearby News: Armed Robbery in Fanwood Thursday Evening; Man Followed Home, Beaten by Robber with Gun 77 published
12.01.20 Source: Flickr user OakleyOriginals 115 published