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16.01.20 Division Staff and Council send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Matt Stehl (March 10, 1973 - January 10, 2020). Mr. Stehl accepted the 2019 Governor's Awards for the Arts, Arts P 11 published
16.01.20 Two sisters made different choices when it came time to deliver their babies, and the diverging paths they took offer an intriguing window into Australia’s unique hybrid health system. 15 published
16.01.20 In 2019, 159 students attended mining training camp through the Mining and Petroleum Training Service which is part of Extension. The camps focus on underground or surface mining, oil and gas roustabo 6 published
16.01.20 Pro-Homosexual Behavior Legislation sits in WV senate. Senate Speaker Carmichael, who has supported past homosexual bills, says he opposes this bill, "as written". He says, "Hate has no place in WV" 12 published
16.01.20 On Monday, January 13, 2020, the Brunswick Police Department took a report in reference to a missing, juvenile Grace Elizabeth Love. Grace is a 16 year old white female 44 published
16.01.20 Well this sounds like a great idea! Could you go for this? 🙂 8 published
15.01.20 Los expertos alertan acerca del grave daño de presionar a los niños a aprender cosas para las que aún no están listos. 7 published
13.01.20 With five head coaches in ten years, you could say the 2010s were tough on the Tigers. We broke down the five most defining moments for Mizzou Men's Basketball in the last decade. 8 published
13.01.20 Of course he won't. 10 published
13.01.20 Happy birthday, Orlando! Hope Katy got you something nice. 🎁 11 published
13.01.20 Add a caption to this photo. #NorthwestAnimalBoise #GOoutlocal 7 published
12.01.20 President Trump signed into law Dec. 20 the sprawling, $738 billion defense bill, making history by creating the Space Force as a stand-alone, sixth branch of the U.S. military and guaranteeing for th 8 published
12.01.20 Just in case you didn't find this in your e-mail on Thursday... Dear Friend, Fiber College has always been about the energy and support of students and teachers like you. As organizers, we’ve cheri 6 published
12.01.20 ICE data show that detentions of pregnant women increased by more than 50 percent from 2016 to 2018. 95 published
12.01.20 Хантер Байден не одинок: активно пользуется связями семьи для своей карьеры и дочь Билла и Хиллари Клинтон. 6 published
12.01.20 Who’s your pick in the AFC Divisional Round between the Tennessee Titans and the Baltimore Ravens? Let us know your predictions! 🏈🏆💥🔥 4 published
12.01.20 Een bericht van Kansas Oklahoma Conference/UCC op Gisteren 4 published
12.01.20 @lynn.brigitte made @clowngirl.horror magazine #clowns #horrorclowns #pennywise #it #captainspaulding #clowngirlhorror 5 published
12.01.20 Adm. Sylvester R. Foley Jr., former Pacific Fleet commander, to be laid to rest at Naval Academy 6 published
12.01.20 See what #education advocates seek in the #budget before the #AZLeg session starts on Monday - 4 published
12.01.20 We are dreaming of warmer weather and being able to read our books outside again. 🥶🥶🥶 We hope you are staying warm wherever you are! 4 published
12.01.20 Starting to get butterflies ahead of the game Sunday! 🙌 Listen for the cue from Mitch to text and win the Kansas_Lottery RED ZONE! 3 published
12.01.20 Since 2013, he has helped parents of children who are enrolled in Head Start pursue education. 9 published
11.01.20 "The UPC isn’t just place, it’s a people, a way of thinking, and a way of remembering. It’s a place of hope and a path of peace." - Kayla By popular demand, we will continue sharing stories of The Pe 0 published