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24.01.20 This morning I was invited on the national Fox & Friends TV show on FOX News to discuss why the Senate should reject impeachment. Video here: 4 published
24.01.20 Tax policy isn't race neutral. JOIN US at History Colorado to discuss how tax policy has been historically used as a tool to discriminate -- and how we can use this knowledge to craft a more equita 2 published
24.01.20 Não se canse de fazer o bem. Ser uma boa pessoa tem suas recompensas. A vida é uma, viva-a completamente! 2 published
24.01.20 Be careful who you surround yourself with and who you chose to spend your time with most. If someone shows you their true colors, believe them. 4 published
24.01.20 The man was found dead a short time later inside a vehicle behind Pic-Pac Liquor on West 12th Street. 5 published
24.01.20 Jake Borman, Amy Inglett, and Samuel Ehlinger completed their live burn for their firefighter 1 course on January 11th; here are some pictures! 4 published
23.01.20 Een bericht van Midwest Center for Holocaust Education op Vandaag 5 published
23.01.20 Chance of rain / snow in portions of the KPRD listening area today. Any rain / snow mix falling where you are? 4 published
23.01.20 More news from Myanmar! Kari and Juni spent two days working with group leaders who support victims of sexual violence. Kari provided them an overview of CVIC‘s plan to end violence and talked with th 2 published
21.01.20 Who is to blame for the current wheat crisis and the rise in flour prices? 10 published
21.01.20 “I like to do a lot of things I’m not very good at. I like to fish and hunt every year. I really like to golf, not the perfect state for it,” Talerico said. “I play guitar, I like to play music. I’m n 24 published
21.01.20 The newsroom is finally taking down their Christmas decorations... and can we all agree these don’t make the cut for next year? 👀 3 published
20.01.20 Many of us have experienced these bills and advocates want to do something about them. 11 published
20.01.20 Florida Badger Learning Center In - Home 6360 Bartholf Ave Jacksonville, FL 32210 (904) 444-3329 Now Enrolling Nights & Weekends 103rd St. Jammes Rd, San Juan Avenue, Lane Ave, Lenox Ave, Cassat 5 published
20.01.20 Anger erupted in Puerto Rico on Saturday after a blogger posted a live video of a warehouse in Ponce filled with emergency supplies that had apparently been sitting there since Hurricane Maria battere 7 published
20.01.20 The 💥 Maine Motorsports Xtreme International Ice Racing - XIIR Championships 💥 is today! Tickets start at $12, and $10 for kids 2-12 and are available at the Trusted Choice Box Office today. AND! H 10 published
19.01.20 "The decision that I have made for my wife and I to step back, is not one I made lightly... there really was no other option." 62 published
19.01.20 Fall 2019 was an outstanding semester for #GWH in the classroom AND on the ice. #UMNproud More: 4 published
19.01.20 Congratulations to all of the award winners honored at the LSBA House of Delegates Meeting! #yourLSBA LSBA Citizen Lawyer Awards: Tyler J. Arbour, Beau S. Brooks, Valerie Gotch Garrett, Jason A. Matt 7 published
19.01.20 This fascinating show features aerialists, jugglers, acrobats and comedy for all ages. 8 published
19.01.20 On Tuesday, SCOTUS will consider whether taxpayers can be forced to fund religious education & discrimination. The court’s decision could set a dangerous precedent, eroding church-state separation 11 published
19.01.20 It is good to serve God -St. Therese Inspiration 7 published
19.01.20 You've never had onion rings like this before. 4 published
19.01.20 What are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments below! 8 published