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19.02.20 📧 #M6😈❤️ 3 published
18.02.20 A message from our AECA president... From 6:00 AM to 11:30 PM, I have a lot on my plate. And I know you do, too. No one really knows the amount of work and dedication it takes to run 20 preschool cla 6 published
18.02.20 Een bericht van Guapachosa Radio Minnesota online op Vandaag 4 published
18.02.20 ANNOUNCING POPS HEART HEALTHY MEAL PLAN. CALL POPS 252 329 0038 ask for the chef. Or just comment or private message me for the plan . This is the week to sign up and limited membership is limited to 3 published
17.02.20 Post-valentine after-glow: Here's a classic post from Cool Green Science about strange and endearing mating rituals in nature, like the sage grouse's puffery: 6 published
17.02.20 Een bericht van Michigan Millers Insurance op Vandaag 5 published
17.02.20 BARABOO - Reverend Monsignor Orra Charles Schluter, 75, of Baraboo, entered eternal life on February 16, 2020, at the age of 75, at Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He w 5 published
17.02.20 Our lobby has the most relaxing atmosphere. Perfect for kicking back while having a drink at the bar or enjoying our morning breakfast buffet. 3 published
17.02.20 Een bericht van Apple Eye Ministries op Vandaag 7 published
17.02.20 Halfway through the 2020 legislative session, bills to abolish the death penalty have failed to get a hearing. Florida juries are making execution a fading practice, but questions of statewide fairnes 18 published
17.02.20 Make plans to attend this “Wonderful Afternoon in the Park Concert” - Grammy Nominated, Jeanie Fitchen will be one of three artists performing Sunday, February 23rd at 4 pm. All proceeds benefit the B 13 published
17.02.20 Een bericht van Jennifer Lopez Songs op Vandaag 5 published
17.02.20 Een bericht van New Jersey Stage op Vandaag 6 published
05.02.20 We 💛 the University of Minnesota ALMOST as much as Bella Lambert. Read about what she said in this #Gophers Spotlight! 10 published
05.02.20 Be sure to include every member of your family when completing your census. An accurate census count ensures thousands of dollars for programs that support Alaska's kids and families. 17 published
05.02.20 **Accident Alert Lifted** Please continue to drive safe 10 published
05.02.20 Are you "woke" to liberal incompetence yet? #mcgconservatives #republican #youngconservatives #millenialconservatives 12 published
04.02.20 Tuesday was the warmest morning Southcentral has seen in over a month. The KTVA 11 Weather team says snow showers will taper off through the day with temperatures remaining on the mild side. 13 published
04.02.20 Two-time Grammy Award winner Cage the Elephant will perform at Harrisburg's Riverfront Park this summer as part of Harrisburg University's concert series, the school announced Tuesday. The show is se 117 published
04.02.20 Kickoff for Black History Month in Maricopa is tonight at City Hall. 12 published
04.02.20 Good morning, #IowaCaucus goers and Indivisibles across the country who woke up this morning still confused about what happened last night. We don’t have all the answers but we want to share what we d 19 published
03.02.20 PHOTOS | Did Jennifer Lopez and Shakira just raise the bar for Super Bowl halftime shows? 18 published
02.02.20 Dating a divorced man could be worthwhile. 9 published
02.02.20 Welcome to the month of Resilience! 16 published