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04.04.20 Well, thanks to a WiFi breakdown, I’ll be going on an hour later than planned but I’m going! Please tune in now at 70 published
02.04.20 IDPH recommends all long term care facilities have all staff wear face masks when they are in the facility. This is called a “universal-masking policy”. We are putting this into effect in our facility 87 published
02.04.20 For years, I’ve noticed I use baking to relieve my stress, and over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that I’m not alone. We bake. Therefore, we are. Not only does baking give us something to do 72 published
02.04.20 Governor Sisloak signed a new directive Wednesday that will waive certain licensing requirements to allow additional healthcare workers into hospitals. Zac Slotemaker KRNV has more on the order. 76 published
02.04.20 04/01/2020 Good Morning! It’s time for a virtual cup of coffee…. Around the WPD lately: It’s a good thing everyone is stuck inside their homes right now. Early this morning we had a family of bears 75 published
02.04.20 Congrats, Marcus! 76 published
02.04.20 From Tim Padgett's latest column: "Is the White House so excited about the short-term electoral benefit of its tough tack on Venezuela and Cuba that it's lost sight of the long-term damage to the U.S 66 published
01.04.20 If you have non-emergency, non-medical questions for law enforcement related to the Public Health Order (Stay at Home Order) DO NOT call 911 or dispatch centers. Call our info call center: 1-833-598-5 63 published
01.04.20 As cases of coronavirus rise in Michigan, University of Michigan prepares the indoor track facility for use as a field hospital. 61 published
31.03.20 Een bericht van Wyo4News op Gisteren 66 published
31.03.20 Beaufort County Schools will serve meals this week, March 30-April 3 per our normal schedule posted below. We will serve them April 6-9 (but NOT on the 10th). We will serve them April 13-17 (this is 114 published
31.03.20 Een bericht van City of Benton Fire Department op Vandaag 72 published
31.03.20 While social distancing and staying at home, you can still enjoy Vermont beer. Many of our brewers are offering curbside pick up and some even have delivery options. There is always your local retaile 72 published
31.03.20 This is what you buy when you want high quality but not the high price: 70 published
19.03.20 The Health Department is working closely with partners across the state to respond to the new Coronavirus COVID-19. For the most up-to-date information, please visit @ Health Vermont (tag the main pag 93 published
17.03.20 🍀🍀May the Luck of the Irish be with you! 🍀🍀 91 published
16.03.20 Een bericht van St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church of Canton, Ohio op Vandaag 80 published
16.03.20 LOCAL AREA COVID-19 RELATED NOTICES 69 published
15.03.20 My Interview on Bloomberg Markets about NYC's fight against the Coronavirus outbreak. 89 published
11.03.20 #ThisDayInHistory On March 10, 1880 Commissioner George Scott Railton and seven female officers landed in New York City to officially begin The Salvation Army ministry in the United States. Read more 88 published
11.03.20 Thankful for Sunday and everything we celebrated together! 77 published
11.03.20 At #MURTEC2020 we just announced the winners of our Top Women in Restaurant Technology Awards! Congrats to: OneDine, Taco Bell, Revel Systems, Sparkfly, Church's Chicken, BentoBox, TOAST, #DineBrands, 97 published
11.03.20 Let's put those impulse purchases to good use 💪 Start now at 81 published
10.03.20 Een bericht van Investment Planners - Alton op Gisteren 85 published