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14.04.20 This is a follow up on our previous post. We decided to name him Kindness at the popular advice of our supporters, and also as kindof a sign of the times. We hope that we can all keep Kindness in mind 776 published
05.04.20 You will be happy to know that the USDA has stated that there is no evidence to suggest that SARS-CoV-2 can be transmitted to people through food or food packaging, regardless of where the food item o 144 published
05.04.20 Meet Julie-Ann, 14, Emily, 13, and Steffani, 11, three active sisters who certainly would keep their family on the go! These girls are waiting for a "no matter what" family! Interested in becoming an 112 published
05.04.20 1855 Colton Map of southwest Arkansas 70 published
04.04.20 The following confirmed COVID-19 case counts reflect numbers as of 7:00 PM Friday, April 3. National – 273,880 cases (9,521 recovered), 7,077 deaths Texas – 5,293, 85 deaths North Texas - 1,911 cases 84 published
03.04.20 Thinking of going live again tomorrow, Friday at 900am for circle time. Will you join ue? 67 published
02.04.20 Catch this throwback! Have you seen the work of @NeoqlassicalArt? Today, we chat and share their inspirations, work, and more! 75 published
02.04.20 Een bericht van Kansas State University Milling Science op Gisteren 72 published
02.04.20 GO BILL KELLY! 65 published
02.04.20 We look forward to chatting with Ron Wilson, Ionia Public Schools Sup't around 7:30 on Thursday morning. Please join us! We'll also have the usual mix of great music, Jim's bad humor and hokey-ness, 62 published
02.04.20 An Update on Our Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19): The health and safety of those we serve as well as our staff are our highest priority. Our greatest hope and desire is to uphold our commitmen 64 published
02.04.20 Oklahoma reported 719 COVID-19 cases and 30 deaths today - up from 565 cases and 23 deaths the day before. 79 published
02.04.20 We are ONE month away from the registration deadline for #KLC2020! We have your ticket ready to join #TEAMKAY! Talk to your sponsor today to ensure your spot on the "team" for this life-changing week, 72 published
01.04.20 We aren't in the office, but UWCK and our Community Partners are hard at work to support our communities. #LiveUnited 78 published
01.04.20 We are still open and teaching our babies. Parents be safe! 66 published
31.03.20 Summer/Fall 2020 registration begins April 7 at 8:30am. Check your SGSC email for more details. 84 published
31.03.20 Een bericht van Faith Baptist Church Arizona op Gisteren 65 published
31.03.20 The KCK Chamber is excited to partner with Jennings Social Media Marketing & Martech for Staying Relevant During a Time of Crisis. Learn how to effectively, and creatively market your business wit 82 published
18.03.20 Dear Lord, We pray for those who you’ve called to help and care for the sick. The ones who don’t have a choice to hide from things that may scare them, but instead are on the front line. Wrap your 63 published
17.03.20 Facebook has removed this 2x now, we'll see if 3rd time is the charm...#CantKeepMeQuiet Most people are surprised to learn that their Nervous System helps control and regulate their Immune System. Ch 94 published
17.03.20 At around 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Ford County administrator J.D. Gilbert confirmed the first positive case of COVID-19 in Ford County. According to Gilbert, the patient is over 60 years of age and had tra 123 published
17.03.20 Due to the COVID-19 concerns, the W. H. Over Museum will be closed to the public until further notice to help safeguard the health and safety of our community and surrounding neighbors. 88 published
16.03.20 Unfortunately, ACS has been given guidance stating that all Outreach programs and group classes have to be cancelled until further notice. ACS is still available in 1 On 1 appointments in all program 86 published
16.03.20 Our community members love playing their cards! Seven up, seven down one of their favorites! #7up7down #LivingtheGoodLife 69 published