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19.02.20 As U.S. Attorney General William Barr continues to spar with Democrats in his role leading the U.S. Department of Justice, an Alabama journalist has published a book detailing the events which led to 4 published
19.02.20 As of this afternoon, 312 people have signed a petition requesting the fence be installed around the Mindowaskin Park playground in an effort to safeguard children from traffic and a nearby stream. Th 4 published
18.02.20 February 12, 151 people from 50 countries took the Oath of Allegiance at the History Colorado Center. It was the largest ceremony ever hosted there. Jessica, from Fort Collins, was one of them. https: 5 published
18.02.20 🛎 AT Daily! Zimmun - Breaking Bread Generously. Get notified: join the Accidental Talmudist Forum. 🕯❤️ Berachos 46, B. Talmud 4 published
18.02.20 It doesn't have to be nerve-wracking to strike up a conversation with someone of a different faith than you. 5 published
17.02.20 6 published
17.02.20 Investigators said the Pontiac, traveling east on the Yakima Valley Highway, crossed the center line and hit the Honda head-on, pushing it about 50 feet and off the roadway. 5 published
17.02.20 **Call to Action** We have one more shot, Denver! To override Mayor Hancock's veto, we need 9 votes on Tuesday. The best chance we have is to target these 3 councilmembers. Please call, email and re 4 published
05.02.20 Een bericht van New Mexico Celtic Athletics op Gisteren 14 published
05.02.20 Veronica Escobar embodies what it means to be Texas Democrat. Her commitment to the people of El Paso, and the Democratic values with which she governs are truly commendable. We cannot wait to watch h 18 published
05.02.20 Are you ready for the February Myzone Challenge? You can exercise anywhere — in group exercise classes, outside, during your daily workout — and participate, as long as you’re wearing your belt! D 12 published
05.02.20 US 6 WB: Roadway reopened to traffic between I-235 and US 69 (Des Moines). 13 published
04.02.20 Een bericht van Libertarian Party of the Florida Keys op Vandaag 17 published
04.02.20 Parma crews responded to a report of a structural fire in the 1600 block of Lorimer Avenue that turned out to be something quite different. Hazardous chemicals were found in a reactive state that nece 14 published
04.02.20 People do not think about life insurance for their children. As a child policies are much more affordable and easier to get. Give your child a life long security for them and their future! 11 published
04.02.20 It's Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week! Tax identity theft happens when someone uses your Social Security number to get a tax refund. Get tips and resources on how to protect yourself from identity t 12 published
04.02.20 Representing on the field of play and in the classroom 💪 This past year we had 𝟰𝟬𝟱 student-athletes named to the Athletics Director’s Honor Roll! Proud of our Jayhawks! 16 published
03.02.20 Though they can be fierce and destructive, summer storms are beautiful—and if captured in the right moment, make for electrifying photos. 13 published
03.02.20 If you aren’t registered, please do it on Monday!!! 13 published
02.02.20 Athletic Trainers are Enablers of Marine Corps Readiness 22 published
02.02.20 Every officer of a court has a duty to refuse a case which is groundless. So why does the practice continue? In common law, barratry is the offense committed by people who are "overly officious in 17 published
02.02.20 Dan D'Antoni's third choice for the Herd's fifth starter looks like a winner. 11 published
02.02.20 All are welcome to this event! For more information on man up adventures go to . 12 published
02.02.20 Een bericht van Barack Obama: Our President & His Legacy op Vandaag 18 published