Wild Horse Protection Act

Today is a very sad day! Shanti Rom, our love wild horses ambassador, who is so loved by many who have come to know him, may have to be euthanized today surrounded by love and peace to end suffering! Jetara has been so courageous throughout the ordeal, Shanti means the world to her.
He is indeed a very special horse who enriched her life and helped her to survive after going through so much heartbreak over the terrible loss of her two precious young sons in a car accident.
Now with all she has, she is trying to save her beloved horse who helped to save her life, but the doctors are not holding out much hope for his survival. They say they have done all they can but we keep holding on to hope for a miracle.
But sometimes in spite of all our human intervention to save the sweet life of an animal, it is beyond our control.
Jetara will do what is best for her horse at this time after speaking with the veterinarian this morning! She will make the right decision to do what is best for Shanti Rom.
She has been with Shanti almost every day since he got sick driving five hours daily to be there doing all she can on his behalf to save him.
Jetara is not only under serve emotional stress but also under a lot of financial pressure from the hospital, asking her for more money before any treatments are done.
This is so heartwrenching to see him so sick and not being able to help!
Jetara wants to thank everyone for their prayers and support.
It really has meant a lot to her helping her get through this most difficult time. There still is a small ray of hope for Shanti. Please continue to pray for a miracle right now.and to give Jetara strength also.
Kindest regards, Jeanne Bencich Nations

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