Bear Enters Torrington Home, Then Is Euthanized

A Black Bear pushed in a screen window and entered a Torrington home to get food on the kitchen counter, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said.This is not being “euthanized.” This is being “killed.” Euthanized means a mercy killing, and this young bear simply needed to be frightened away. DEEP’s career bureaucrats are out of touch with what voters are increasingly demanding: HUMANE resolutions to conflicts with wildlife. The good work that DEEP does is overshadowed by their promotion of unnecessary cruelty, like the killing of this poor young bear, so this November, make sure the candidates that you support will overhaul DEEP.

#DEEPLIES: CT’s bear population is only between 500-700, per UConn, so don’t be distracted by the # of “sightings,” a highly unscientifically obtained figure that DEEP continually touts in order to build irrational fear in the public. DEEP’s ongoing promotion of killing is because they want to desensitize people to the act of killing bears so that they can promote cruel trophy hunting of bears, something they’ve failed to pass after many years of trying, due to vigilant resistance from animal advocates. CT’s bear population is too small to sustain a bear hunt: many factors naturally limit bear populations–they do not grow exponentially, as DEEP suggests.

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Author: – The Humane Society of the United States – Connecticut


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