Pittsburgh Police K-9 Unit

The City of Pittsburgh, Public Safety Department, Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, and the PBP’s K-9 Unit are saddened to announce that Loki, the Bloodhound puppy who was training to be a human being locator, has passed away.

Loki died around 2 p.m. today.

He was playing with his trainer, Master Patrol Officer Bill Watts, this morning when he suddenly collapsed. Watts rushed him to Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center on Camp Horne Road, where veterinarians determined that the puppy was suffering from aspiration pneumonia.

Aspiration pneumonia is when a dog’s lungs become inflamed as the result of the inhalation of food, water, vomit or any other type of liquid or solid.

Master Patrol Officer Kevin Merkel was Loki’s handler. MPO Watts worked with Loki daily.

According to Sgt. Sean Duffy, who leads the K-9 Unit, vets put Loki on oxygen and antibiotics and sedated him. However, he quickly declined and passed away.

Loki was taken to Fred Donatelli & Son Cemetery Memorials to be cremated.

Loki was being trained to be a human locator, a member of the K-9 Unit who could trail, track and find at-risk missing persons, including seniors with Alzheimer’s and children with autism.

Whereas most K-9’s are deployed to take down “bad guys,” Loki was to find society’s most vulnerable, and to greet them with a friendly lick and loyal presence.

“He would have been the best human locator we have,” Sgt. Duffy said.

Loki was 10 weeks old. His training would have lasted about a year.

“Loki will be sadly missed,” Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich said.We send our sincere condolences to MPO Watts, their family, the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, and Pittsburgh Police K-9 Unit for the loss of new bloodhound puppy Loki. Loki sadly collapsed and later passed away after suffering a medical issue. He was 10 weeks old.

Author: https://facebook.com/300917633631249 – South Florida Cops