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I can remember back to watching the original Rocky movie with my dad when I was just a young, chubby grade schooler, and being engrossed by Rocky Balboa’s training montage. I instantly thought to myself: ”I want to do THAT!”🤕 NEW BLOG ARTICLE: Rehab to Performance – Movement ⛑️

Injured athlete who was short changed by their rehab?! Jammed up in some leg curl machine then kicked to curb?!

No! This is not a tacky local television lawyer advertisement, it’s a wake up call.

Rehab is about getting them back to full speed, on the field or in real life.The body isn’t wired to work in isolation. It is wired for movement.

In his third installment of the Rehab to Performance series, Dr. Matthew Zanis, Physical Therapist and Block One Coach explains how rehab centered around quality movement gives you the best opportunity to return to full speed.

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