Farming Without the Bank


Him: I am farming X acres of dads total.

Me: Are you going to be slowly taking it over?

Him: No I do believe they have it setup to go into a trust. He doesn’t really care to talk about me farming it. He always says I have a good job in town and to keep that job.

Me: (after we have talked for a while) Is your dad not wanting you to farm or pushing you to farm because he doesn’t want you to struggle like he did?

Him: Yes, I think so.

Me: Then it’s even more important for you to share with him that if he allowed you to have insurance on him you could farm w/o the struggle. You would be able to operate without going into debt and you could keep his legacy alive that he worked so hard to build.

**I find that parents want what’s better for their kids but they don’t see the full picture of how they can help accomplish that. Life insurance should be the top priority in every estate plan and/or transition plan. This would keep what they worked so hard to build alive and well for many generations.

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