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For those who know Milarepa Center’s history (and for those who don’t!), you know that Peter Baker was the original benefactor for Milarepa Center, purchasing the property from the state of Vermont in an auction. Without the precious human life of Peter Baker, Milarepa Center would likely not even exist! Can you imagine that?! I for one certainly cannot! What an AMAZING gift this precious being has given SO SO SO many!
After months in a hospice facility, Peter, very sadly, has passed away. We are not yet sure of the exact date and time of Peter’s passing but will keep everyone updated as we get more information; we were notified on Thursday afternoon by Peter’s brother and are awaiting more information while also respecting the privacy of those who are working to get things figured out. Peter’s brother shared with us that it was Peter’s wish to have his ashes spread here at Milarepa Center and we are working to try to get that arranged; again, we will keep everyone updated as we know more.
We are asking all who are able to please offer prayers and practices for Peter as he makes his way through the bardo state and please remember to also take a few brief moments to rejoice for his precious life and the gift that Peter gave us all and and has continue to give for many many years! WOW WOW WOW!
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