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Anais Mitchell’s big Tony win sent us rummaging through the morgue for the story we ran back in 2006 when she was about to debut “Hadestown” at the Vergennes Opera House. We had a distinct memory that she had told us something beautiful in that interview 13 years ago. And… we found it:

“I think many of us are made to feel frightened and impotent by the powers that be. I’m not just thinking of death here, but also of those human mechanisms that force people to live like they’re dead: mindless labor, senseless violence, the whole military-industrial complex, to use an old-fashioned term. When I face that faceless world, that circular logic that reduces the human heart and the human spirit to a series of numbers, all I can think is, ‘If I could only write a song beautiful enough, maybe I could move someone, maybe I could change things.'”

Here’s that 2006 story:

And here’s our Q&A with her this year:

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