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🍿🎞️Movie Trivia:🎥🐲 Did you know Creature from the Black Lagoon has its roots, of all places, at a party hosted by Orson Wells? Producer William Alland was engaging in some small talk when he met a cinematographer who claimed to have seen photographic evidence of a fish-man that lived in the Amazon. Alland, looking for a new project to develop at Universal, took this story – Amazon fish-man seeks the yearly sacrifice of a beautiful young woman – and immediately knew what to do with it: he would remake King Kong! Yes, Alland’s original vision for the movie hews very closely to the story of King Kong. Scientists would capture the gill-man through the use of live bait (a beautiful woman, naturally) and take it back to civilization where it would rampage before eventually being killed due to its love for a woman that it could never know. In fact, if you watch Creature from the Black Lagoon and Revenge of the Creature back-to-back, you get the story of King Kong almost in its entirety. We’re excited to bring this 1950s horror classic back to the big screen when the Marietta High School Class of 1954 stops by on June 20. Open to the public, admission is just $5 at the door.

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