In 2016, we shifted our strategy to gender justice and healing, following a statewide community engagement and research project. This shift resulted in a two-part report entitled, The Heart of Gender Justice in New Mexico: Intersectionality, Economic Security, and Health Equity. This spring we are celebrating the fierce creativity and capacity that New Mexicans from across the state have brought to our work, and continue to bring to local challenges.

NewMexicoWomen.Org is committed to centering the voices of community in our philanthropic work. When community organizers and social service providers who live in the communities in which they work, are directing the distribution of resources in our state, the impact those resources have is above and beyond what funders alone might be able to accomplish. The deeper our relationships are with community members who are on the ground, the deeper our collective impact. New Mexicans are often on the forefront of nationally recognized organizing efforts that have served as a models for groups all over the country.

Our communities prove time and time again that their lived experiences and expertise matter. Their wisdom, their imaginations and their organizing efforts deserve investment. Join us in our work, to more intentionally resource gender justice and the well-being of self-identifying women and girls, by contributing at NewMexicoWomen.Org.

***Art by Taslim van Hattum***


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