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Things are looking up…

MORNING: Temps. around the mid to upper-60’s with moderate rainfall moving through & potentially a few rumbles of thunder (6AM-11AM looks to be the heaviest of times for the day).

AFTERNOON: Temps. increasing to from the low to upper-70’s with mostly cloudy skies and a few spotty, short-lived showers. Keep the umbrellas handy, but you most likely won’t need them for long. We may even see a few peaks of sunshine.

EVENING: Temps. decrease from the upper-70’s to upper-60’s with mostly to partly cloudy skies and a few spotty showers (looking to be drier than the afternoon). Sunshine may peak through from time to time as well.

OVERALL…the AM hours look like the time to choose indoors plans, but the afternoon looks almost forgiving. Scattered showers will remain, but mostly cloudy skies will give us plenty of dry hours along with some rays of sunshine on occasion too! WOOHOO.

What’re your Father’s Day plans?!🤔 #INwx #YourWeatherAuthorityMeteorologist Payton Domschke WX has your latest Father’s Day Forecast!🎀🎉🎊

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