HHS estimates $73 million in savings if Congress extends immunosuppressive drug coverage

A new HHS report estimates that Medicare would save $73 million during the course of 10 years if Congress extends coverage of immunosuppressive drugs beyond the current 3 years post-transplant.Under current law, Medicare covers the cost of a kidney transplant, but only pays for anti-rejection medication for three years. A recent study shows it would be cheaper to extend coverage for patients rather than have them forced back on dialysis. Dialysis costs Medicare $86,300 per patient per year, while anti-rejection medications only cost Medicare $2,303. The Immunosuppressive Drug Coverage for Kidney Transplant Patients Act is a straightforward solution.

If passed, it would save lives and save taxpayers millions of dollars. Congress can and must do better to protect people living with transplants and save Medicare money, and this legislation provides a way to do it.

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