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CRITICAL VOTER ID UPDATE: The Governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, just told a state court that it should throw out the voter ID constitutional amendment that YOU passed. His reasoning? The legislature is an illegitimate usurper body that never had the power to put the voter ID amendment on the ballot in the first place.

In the Governor’s court filing, he wrote: “Permitting these amendments to take effect will entrench the policy preferences of an illegitimate legislature into North Carolina’s organic law.”

You’re dead wrong, Governor. Voter ID is the policy preference of the people. A court doesn’t decide whether to allow or deny a constitutional amendment duly passed by the majority of voters, and neither do you. Only the people can do that. And the people have spoken: Voter ID is in the Constitution.

I’ll fight Governor Cooper relentlessly to make sure your will – your vote – does not get overturned.

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