Country Thunder Music Festivals

Twin Lakes is feeling the Thunder Tonight!!!

With Jake Owen, James Barker Band, & Michael Ray

Calgary!!! You’re Next Are You Ready


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Congratulations! The Give! Campaign’s board of directors is pleased to invite the Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale to participate in the 2019 Give! Campaign, in the Youth in Action category.

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Hundreds attend burial service of veteran without a family

Hundreds of people Wednesday to honor a Vietnam veteran who had no immediate family. Wayne “Sarge” Wilson, Army veteran of the Vietnam War, disabled veteran’s advocate, retired truck driver and renowned jokester, died on May 28 in Ann Arbor at the age of 67.Wayne “Sarge” Wilson, Army veteran of the Vietnam War, disabled veteran’s advocate, retired truck driver and renowned jokester, died on May 28 in Ann Arbor at the age of 67.

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Freedom From Religion Foundation

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has written to three Michigan school districts after they invited missionaries to hold assemblies in their schools.

This past spring, a group called The Conquerors International Strength Team held a “week of ministry” through the Riverside Church in Three Rivers, Mich. Throughout its trip, the group performed in assemblies at 11 schools in the greater Three Rivers area. A link to a live stream of The Conquerors’ final performance at Riverside Church was posted on its official Facebook page, in which Conquerors Team Captain Mike Benson explains how Riverside Church funded these school visits.

“These school assemblies cost money, but because of this church’s generosity, they sponsored every single one of the 11 assemblies,” Benson states. “They paid for everything you see.” Benson also says that Pastor Jamie Smith of Riverside Church attended each of the 11 school assemblies with The Conquerors. Youth Pastor Erick Penn also attended multiple assemblies.

In the final performance at Riverside Church, Benson said: “The Conquerors International Strength Team exists for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to transform communities worldwide with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The Conquerors are not shy about their religious mission and purpose — their website explicitly states that they “use feats of strength to captivate audiences worldwide and deliver the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world.” It is well-settled law that public schools may not endorse religion. Giving a group of evangelists like The Conquerors free access to public school children violates that constitutional stricture.

FFRF Legal Fellow Colin McNamara has written to three school districts — Schoolcraft Community Schools, Sturgis Public Schools and Constantine Public Schools — urging the administration to not invite The Conquerors back in the future.

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Fashionably Speaking, London Owned the 2010s

How did London, which so many quit as a show capital in the 2000s, turn into a creative hotbed for young entrepreneurs?

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