AP: Study Finds Millions should stop taking aspirin for heart health – News & Guts Media

Aspirin is now only recommended for those who have suffered a heart attack, heart disease or a stroke. This study finds healthy people should forego taking aspirin daily unless a doctor recommends they do so.It turns out taking an aspirin a day isn’t a good idea for everyone.

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Eugene Scalia has defended Wall Street, Walmart and SeaWorld. Now he’s Trump’s pick for labor secretary.

The president’s labor pick could join the administration as it is looking for additional ways to roll back regulations.I opposed Eugene Scalia’s nomination 18 years ago, and I oppose him today. He is openly hostile to workers’ rights and their health and safety on the job. He is the wrong choice to be Secretary of Labor.

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Top House Democrat says Mueller testimony will be ‘deadly serious’

“These are very serious allegations, this is very serious misconduct, and for most people it will be, really, the first time they hear about the contents of the report.”

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Klobuchar Disses Omar, Refuses To Say If She’d Even Let Omar Speak At Dem Convention

When asked by Costa whether the Democratic Party is moving too far Left, Klobuchar said her party hosts a plurality of opinions.Amy Klobuchar declined to say if she would invite Ilhan Omar to speak at the Democratic National Convention if chosen as the nominee. The only person Klobuchar confirmed she would invite is former President Barack Obama.

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