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The Race Is on to Build a Better Battery

At first glance, all seems serene on a spring morning at the research-and-development campus of SK Innovation, one of Korea’s biggest industrial conglomerates. The campus sits in Daejeon, a tidy, planned city an hour’s high-speed-train ride south of Seoul that the national government has built u…Renewable energy could reshape the global economy—but only if it can be cheaply and safely stored. Meet the companies racing to crack the anode code.

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A Relatively Unknown Indian Rapper Allegedly Beat Taylor Swift and BTS’ YouTube Records Using Google AdWords

According to Sony Music India, Indian rapper Badshah has purportedly smashed both Taylor Swift and BTS’ 24-hour YouTube records.Who’s the mysterious Indian rapper?

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Family 2019

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Herd still missing 11 cows swept away by flood in southeast …

BYRON, Minn. — A cattle farmer whose herd was swept away by the swollen Zumbro River on June 28 is still looking for some of his cows. Bob Eustice, who raises beef cattle in Byron, said 56 cows were swept away from his farm the morning of June 28. Four cows and seven calves have yet to be recovere…Herd still missing 11 cows swept away by flood in southeast Minnesota #agriculture #farming

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