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It is hard not to cry when you watch this video

Van Jones writes that the first aspects of the First Step Act to take effect show the profound impact of the law’s provisions — but also illustrate the long road ahead toward full criminal justice reform.”This video was shared thousands of times, in part because we all need a bit of good news these days. Yet there is some even better news to go with it: The story behind this video was being repeated in thousands of different versions across the country.”

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YR 20/20

With so much incredible talent across the country, we are excited to put our candidates for regional leadership to work!Wishing our best to our good friends Vicki in New Jersey, Joe Sweeney in New Hampshire and Maria in Maryland! Looking forward to working with you

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AP: Study Finds Millions should stop taking aspirin for heart health – News & Guts Media

Aspirin is now only recommended for those who have suffered a heart attack, heart disease or a stroke. This study finds healthy people should forego taking aspirin daily unless a doctor recommends they do so.It turns out taking an aspirin a day isn’t a good idea for everyone.

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US National Weather Service Northern Indiana

Another comfortable day is in store for the area with highs a few degrees warmer than yesterday, topping out in the mid 70s to possibly near 80. A small chance for a shower exists late this morning into this afternoon across NE Indiana into NW Ohio. Also, while conditions have improved dramatically, a moderate swim risk still exists along the shores of southeastern Lake Michigan, especially this morning. Make sure to observe any signage and flags at area beaches.

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Eugene Scalia has defended Wall Street, Walmart and SeaWorld. Now he’s Trump’s pick for labor secretary.

The president’s labor pick could join the administration as it is looking for additional ways to roll back regulations.I opposed Eugene Scalia’s nomination 18 years ago, and I oppose him today. He is openly hostile to workers’ rights and their health and safety on the job. He is the wrong choice to be Secretary of Labor.

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